Feliz Dia de Muertos


¡Feliz Día de los Muertos! A long withstanding traditional holiday within Mexico, warmly celebrating, honouring and reuniting the souls of loved ones on earth with those that they have lost. It is said that realms open to one another, and that time can be shared with loved ones on this special, special day. And to celebrate this mystical evening, Cacao’s co-owner (and Mexican) Marcela Ramirez would take over the kitchen, sharing a beautiful menu of family recipes from Mexico.

A traditional alter, proudly showcasing family photographs, traditional sweets, and memorabilia set the tone for the evening, alongside extraordinarily detailed works by the very lovely Cindy Fair, of @blushbones.skullart and of course, candlelight.

The restaurant was full and the flavours of the evening were met with anticipation! Delicious dishes such as Enchiladas de Salsa Roja, Chileatol de Pollo con Epazote Tamale de Puerco and frijoles a la charra, Flan con Calabaza en Tacha, and Pan de Muertos & Champurrado were on the menu for the evening, and brought guests from deliciously tomato flavours to comforting, elevated chicken soups, to classic and much-beloved tamales, irresistible pumpkin topped flan, and to finish, a beautiful bread accompanied with fragrant hot chocolate. It was said by a few (though perhaps thought of by more) that the evening had the makings for an annual tradition at Cacao—and perhaps, it just might…

Also to note: Marcela’s utilized many of the wonderfully flavoured sauces that she will be retailing soon. Follow: @salsabymarcela

Maria Segovia